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January 2019

15-16 January, The Central and Eastern European Forum, Vienna

17 January, Polish and CEE Private Equity Conference, Warsaw

21-22 January, Hotel Investment CEE, Budapest

28-30 January, European Gas Conference 2019, Vienna

22-24 January, Gaudeamus CEE Education Fair, Prague

24 January, CEE Retail Awards, Warsaw

February 2019

4-6 February, Retail Summit, Prague

17-19 February, MCE Central and Eastern Europe, Prague

March 2019

1 March, Bratislava Property Forum, Bratislava

5-6 March, Defence Logistic Eastern Europe, Prague

12-13 March, Pharm Connect Congress 2019, Budapest

20- 21 March, SEE Property Forum, Bucharest

28 March, SEE Real Estate Awards, Bucharest

April 2019

2 April, Bratislava Property Forum, Bratislava

2-5 April, 8th Annual Pharmacovigilance Forum, Bratislava

3-4 April, Poland and CEE Retail Summit, Warsaw

8-9 April, European Congress of Local Governments, Cracow

9-10 April, The CEE Strategic Shared Services Conference, Budapest

11 April, Profesia Days, Brno

16 April, CFO Congress, Prague

16-18 April, Renewable Energy Southeast Europe, Sofia

16-18 April, Academic Conference on Business and Economics in CEE, Vienna

18 April, Smart Cities CEE, Cluj-Napoca

19-21 April, 14th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Prague 2019, Prague

26-27 April, Prague Conference on Political Economy, Prague

25 April, Invest in Turkey Forum 2019, London

25-26 April, CEE FORUM, Bratislava

May 2019

2-3 May, Central and Eastern European e|Gov Days 2019, Budapest

6-7 May, BACEE Regional Banking Conference CEE, Budapest

14-15 May, GRI CEE (Global Real Estate Institute), Warsaw

15-17 May, Shared Service Centers in CEE, Prague

24 May, CEE in the changing Business Environment, Prague

29 May, Prague Property Forum 2018, Prague

June 2019

4 June, Prague Property Forum, Prague

11 June, RPA in SSC, Budapest

19-20 June, Energy Trading CEE, Budapest


July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

10-12 September, Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, Prague

18-19 September, CEE Property Forum, Vienna

Krynica Economic Forum, Krynica

October 2019

8-9 October, CEE Strategic SSC Conference, Warsaw

17-18 October, Russia & CIS HR Directors Summit, Moscow

23-26 October, Gaudeamus CEE Education Fair, Brno

October, CEE Automotive Forum

November 2019

5 November, P2P Process Optimization, Budapest

13-14 November, Profesia Days, Prague

December 2019